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Reportage about the "XV Parlementaire", French governement rugby team. Charles Magazine, April 2018 Gabriel Attal, politician, deputy LREM. M le Magazine du Monde, April 2018
Assa Traoré (sister of Adama Traoré), Geoffrey De Lagasnerie, philosopher and Edouard Louis, writer talk about persecution and their vision of French society. Les Inrockuptibles, May 2018
Juliette Boudre, Writer. Vogue Paris, June 2018
Anne-Lise Le Gac, Performer. Mouvement Magazine, May 2018
Soufiane Ababri, Artist. Mouvement Magazine, July 2018
Eugène Green, U.S. born french filmmaker and dramatist. Mouvement Magazine, March 2018
Meg Stuart, american choreographer and dancer. Mouvement Magazine, March 2018
Katsuya Tomita, Film Director. Mouvement Magazine, January 2018
Philippe Delerm, Writer. Les Echos Week-End, January 2018
Story about Maison Perrotte and his founder Stéphan Perrotte, best jammaker in the world. En-Contact Magazine, December 2017
F.J. Ossang, Film Director. Mouvement Magazine, November 2017
Guy Savoy, Chef. Les Echos Week-End, November 2017
Mohamed El Khatib, Author & Filmmaker. Mouvement Magazine, September 2017
Story about Christine Nagel's inspirations as a perfumer at Hermès and her very special connection with leather. L'Officiel Hommes, September 2017
Sarah Doraghi, Journalist & Actress. Le Monde Hors-Série, July 2017
Nahal Tajadod, Writer. Le Monde Hors-Série, July 2017
Ahmad Salamatian, Writer & Book Seller. Le Monde Hors-Série, July 2017
Benjamin Grey, Home Agent. En-Contact Magazine, June 2017
Laurent Stalla-Bourdillon, Priest. Charles Magazine, April 2017
Charles Millon, Politician. M le Magazine du Monde, March 2017
Olivier Njamfa, CEO of Eptica. En-Contact, February 2017
Yves Pages, Writer & Director of Les Éditions Verticales. Les Inrockuptibles, February 2017
Douglas Kennedy, Writer. Le Monde Hors-Série, September 2016