I EPIPHANIES (2015) My goal is to provide a non-extensive overview of autism ; to open a window into these mysterious lands, where researchers, parents and children learn to live with this illness. As hints to a riddle, the fragments of space enlighten portraits which would individually otherwise loose their contents and their suggestive power. Pictures only make sense when facing each others. As a whole, the photographs enrich each others from the information they convey and the still and tense atmosphere they connote. These abandoned objects and deserted corners indicate signs of life that give in turn some meaning. Thus, still life are not exactly so anymore. As well as these pictures are only collected pieces from a huge puzzle, these scientists devote their time and knowledge to an everlasting research. "happiness, noise, anger" How far is the spectator willing to venture in the discovery of this world, in understanding these photographs? This close serie invites the viewer to ask himself how they see things, and how those who grasp life, who analyse and react differently do.
AWARDS Finalist, Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award 2015 Coup de Coeur, Bourse du Talent #65 Reportage